Cotton Point: Professional linen for Wellness Centers and Hotels

We search and treat the best types of cotton with the purpose of supplying professional linen dedicated to those sectors for which it is very important to have really durable fabrics, but at the
same time very comfortable for their customers.

We have identified two essential quality indicators for our products: Softness and Resistance to wear and tear.

To obtaining the above important qualities, we carefully choose the raw materials, check the processing and take care of design .

However, our work does not stop here. We can 100% customize the products upon the requests of our customers.

Measures – Colors – Embroideries – Decorations

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Cotton Point is a company placed in Brescia manufacturing professional linen for Beauty Centers, Wellness areas and Hotels.

For the Esthetics and Beauty in general, as well as for the Hotellerie, we have studied the real needs of the sector and final consumer. We want to represent a real meeting point between their needs and what your reality has to offer.
We don’t stop there; our offer is much wider; we’re also able to cover a wide range of terry articles suitable for sports, events and gadgets for promotions. In addition, we have long developed a line called Luxury – Cotton Iewelry, targeted for all those companies that want to distinguish 360 ° with items decorated with natural stones and fine lace work.
Today we’re able to offer quality cotton items for small, medium and large size Company, they don’t underestimate the importance of having a professional-quality linens to pamper its customers.


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